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XR Projects

VR Goggles


Smooth Transitions from virtual environments

VR Capstone Project

A research project that aims to find a design solution to improve comfort for users who face disorientation after using a VR headset.

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Mobile Phone
November 2022


A study tool for university students majoring in HCI/Design programs that allows users to use AR and the real world to garner inspiration and learn various aspects of course content.

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September 2022

Adaptive UIs for Surface Interaction in MR

This was a mixed reality experience for the Oculus (now Meta) Quest 2 which utilized the Passthrough API. This project was built on the Unity Engine and employed hand tracking and strictly touch based interactions. 

By interacting with various surfaces, this work aimed to explore the space of haptic feedback for mixed reality experiences. 

This body of work was submitted to ACM's CHI Conference and went through the first review (the paper was in the top 48% of submissions). 

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Virtual Goggles
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December 2020

AR Shopping Experience

For my undergraduate capstone project, my team and I worked on an AR application that intends to provide additional and enhanced information about user-scanned objects at stores.

The intention is to help users make informed decisions about the products they are purchasing without going through the hassle of extensively searching for relative content on the internet. 

The AR overlay will display information about product reviews, related media, high priority information (expiry dates, health hazards, etc) and a 3D model of the product inside. This was developed in the Unity Game Engine and the 3D models were built in Blender.

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September 2019

XR in Healthcare and Life Sciences

This project aimed at providing a serene virtual reality experience by allowing users to traverse through an environment and complete short tasks that would help with exercising certain muscle groups. 

This project made the top 5 in the Accenture Hackathon in 2019 and was further improved upon and accepted as a Poster Presentation at the India HCI Conference of the same year.

This was developed and designed on the Unity Game Engine and was compatible with the Oculus Rift.

Virtual Reality Headset
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