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Design Projects

Gradient Background
November 2022


A tool for university students to help manage their courses as well as extra-curricular activities. This was our team's submission for the 2022 McMaster's Designathon.

Wavy Circles
September 2022

The Course Planner

A revamp of the website "myCourses" introduces a Dashboard for high-priority content and allows users to customize and keep track of tasks conveniently. 

Green Geometric Shapes
November 2021


A tool that helps users have the best possible shopping experience while efficiently utilizing time and saving money. 

April 2022

Light Box

A prototype of an illuminating device that changes in pattern and color to incite ludic engagement with users. By using soft colors, the light box aims to relieve stress as well as provide ambient lighting.

April 2022

DiBella's Subs Usability Testing

Our team completed an in-depth Heuristic Evaluation and proposed a Re-Design of the official DiBella's Subs Website. We also performed Usability Testing with DiBella's Customers which further helped provide insights into the feasibility of the pre-existing website.

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